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The Assessment Review is an online publication that supports the work of faculty, staff, and graduate students at the City University of New York (CUNY) as well as academic institutions across the country.

Additionally, it serves as an information center for MSCHE news, past and upcoming conferences, and both system and institutional initiatives.

The publication showcases research, articles, reviews, and success stories within the following categories:

Improvement of teaching and learning

  • Student learning, curriculum improvement, evidence-based teaching, program development and implementation, academic assessment, and inclusive pedagogy.

Improvement of administrative and student support services

  • Student learning within nonacademic units, administrative assessment, program development and implementation, as well as service delivery.

Theory and policy in higher education

  • Theories and policies related to assessment and evaluation in higher education and their impact on teaching, learning, and institutional effectiveness.

Intended Audience

Faculty, administration, and graduate students of both the City University of New York as well as academic institutions across the country.


Faculty, staff and graduate students can submit articles, reviews, and opinion-pieces that are relevant to assessment, evaluation, and institutional effectiveness. For more information, please see submission policies.

How to Subscribe

  1. Go to The Assessment Review
  2. On the top right, under the heading subscribe, enter email address
  3. Click Subscribe

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